The Ergo Cast was started as a project to help bring life to the Ergo community and ecosystem by making it easier for everyone to understand the latest and greatest developments by fitting them into the larger context of why Ergo is truly unique.

With members of the greater Ergo community joining the podcast every episode, you’ll begin to feel at home as both the tech and the faces behind the avatars become familiar and approachable.

Discover what makes this cryptocurrency so unique, why Ergo has an edge in implementing and uncovering new protocols for decentralized financial applications, and how Ergo is set apart from the seemingly endless miasma of underwhelming nascent blockchain projects.

Robert Kornacki

host, Developer, Ergo Community member

Robert Kornacki, the creator and host of the Ergo Cast, has been an Ergo community member from day 1 and has several years of experience in the blockchain space under his belt. With prior experience in both protocol design and public speaking at conferences, he brings a solid mix of technical understanding with the ability to simplify concepts down into a digestible form.

A big thanks goes out to the Ergo Funding Board for supporting this project and allowing it to become a reality.

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