In this episode we are joined by two great guests, Dmitry Meshkov & Alex Chepurnoy, two of the original core developers of Ergo to go through a 2019 year in review. We cover all of the major successes that Ergo, it’s community, and ecosystem have accomplished since mainnet launch in July 2019.

Many topics are covered in this week’s episode, from Ergo’s new light wallet named CoinBarn, novel on-chain protocols + smart contacts, a coin/token standard on top of Ergo, all the way to a universal dApp interface & packaging standard. All topic timestamps are below, as well as a list of links to learn more about each one.



Ergo 2019 Asia Tour

Multi-Staged Smart Contracts in The UTXO Model

Interest-Free Loans on Ergo

Ergo Notary Tool

Ergo Crowdfunding CLI Tool + Smart Contract

Ergo Script P2S Playground

EIP-03: BIP-44 Standard on Ergo

EIP-04: Ergo Token Standard

Ergo-Mix: A Privacy Mixing Protocol

Oracles on Ergo


AppKit: Polyglot Library for Developing Ergo Applications

Auctions On Ergo

Proof of Activity

Universal dApp Interface and Packaging Standard

Ergo Coinbarn Light Wallet

Bypassing Non-Outsourceable Proof-of-Work Schemes


Multi-Stage Contracts in The UTXO Model:

Interest Free Loans Smart Contract:

Ergo Notary Command Line Tool:

Ergo Crowdfunding CLI Tool:

P2S Playground:

Ergo First Crowdfunding Campaign:

EIP-03: BIP-44 Standard on Ergo:


Ergo Oracles:



First trial run of ErgoMix protocol:

Auctions on Ergo:

Zero Coupon Bonds:

Proof-of-Activity as a Smart Contract:

Universal dApp Interface:

Ergo Typescript Library:

CoinBarn Light Wallet:

Bypassing Non-Outsourceable Proof-of-Work Schemes Using Collateralized Smart Contracts:

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