Following the short hiatus for the Summit, the Ergo Cast has returned to pass-down all fruitful news which Ergo has to offer!

In today’s adventure, the show is lucky to have the joy of Alex Chepurnoy returning to help us understand what 2020 really meant for Ergo – what could the past year foreshadow for 2021?

Robert, Ollie, and Alex, explore the foundations forged within the first two quarters of 2020 to then investigate the implications for the latter half of the year. As a result, discussion is placed on the quality of life within the environment itself and how it undoubtedly solidifies Ergo’s nature.

As expected, this isn’t an episode to be missed.


Introduction & Greeting

Ergo’s Hygiene

Quality of Life


Experience within Ergo

Avoiding the Crowd

Changed in dApp Manufacturing

Is 2021, the Prime?

Local Exchange Trading Systems

Foundations for Free Finance

Diligence in Development

Oracle Pools, Age, and the Industry

Reflecting on 2020

Wrapping Up


In-House Academic Papers
2021: The Battlegrounds for Decentralised Finance
Local Exchange Trading Systems on Top of Ergo
ErgoMixer, zK-Treasury, and Auction House
The AgeUSD Protocol
Oracle Pools
Ergo Summit
ErgoForum Digests

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