Curious to learn about what Ergo is, how it came to be, what does it even matter in this seemingly endless miasma of new blockchain projects? Well, you’re just in luck, in this episode of the Ergo Cast, we go in depth on what makes Ergo unique with guest Alex Chepurnoy, core developer of the Ergo Network.

From smart contracts, formal verification, to pool-resistant PoW algorithm and on-chain governance, there is a lot that Ergo has to offer. Feel free to click through the following timestamps to get to jump right into the episode or scroll down to watch the video recording of this episode on YouTube.


Podcast Excerpt


Science Behind Ergo

Ergo Smart Contracts at A High Level

Ergo’s ASIC & Pool Resistant PoW Algorithm

Summary of Numerous Innovations Ergo Implements

Ergo Smart Contract Successes

What Inspired You to Create Ergo in the First Place

How to Join The Ergo Community

Biggest Roadblock and Success in Launching Ergo

Who Is Ergo For?

Local Currencies on Ergo (Kenya Ex. Potential Use Case)

Blockchains Actually Becoming Useful & Why Ergo Exists

Closing Remarks

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