NFTs on Ergo have been taking off & the community has expanded exponentially. Episode 7 marks the turning of a new leaf for the ErgoCast by glancing over this growing sector on top of the economic protocol.

Joining us for this episode we have the pleasure of two well-known artists to ergonauts: Foeniculum & Kareem. Foen, known for his intrinsic collectibles, coupled with Kareem who has established an identity as a clay modeller, are kind enough to reveal the details of what occurs in the background of their work & Ergo’s involvement along with it.

The duet are queried upon qualities such as what influences their work, how Ergo enable’s their expression, and why the NFT industry matters. Whether you are an artist, ergonaut, or collector, tune in and be delighted by adding some substance to your understanding of ownership in Ergo.


Introduction & Greeting

Influences & Reflection

Approaching Creativity

Integrating Ergo

Workflow Adaption

Value in The Non-Fungible Industry

Evolution in The Art Industry

Favourite Feature

Desirable Feature

Episode Closing


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