Tune into Episode 4 of the Ergo Cast, the frontier for satiating your curiosity surrounding Ergo.

In today’s show we have the pleasure of being accompanied by two core members of Emurgo, who will be walking us through all of the specifics relating to the latest substantial release for the Ergo ecosystem – Yoroi.

Nico, CTO, and Sebastien, Co-VP of Engineering & Cardano PM, endure the heat for all the answers that the Ergo community need to understand the potential which Yoroi enables for them. The show starts off exploring the encompassing features which make Yoroi a gateway for decentralized financial applications, and steers towards the vision for the future that this release enhances.


Introduction & Greeting

Relationship Between Naming and Intention

Security Measures within Yoroi

Core Features for Ergo & Cardano Users

Multi-Pool Staking & Multi-Signature Transactions

Facilitating Features: Connectors, Staking Interface & Privacy

Privacy Infiltration in the Industry

Account Plates & Payment URLs

Bespoke & Open-Source

Implemented & Upcoming Features

Uniqueness in Comparison with Metamask

The Vision for Yoroi & Ergo

Erg Staking & Minting the Upcoming Stablecoin

The Erg-Collateralized Stablecoin Vs. Dai

Future NFTs & Ergo Auction House Integration

What is Seen for the Future of Yoroi, in Combination with Ergo?

Dapp Support & Development Tools for the Application

Projects in the Pipeline

Integration within Hardware Wallets

Are there More Assets to Come?

Upcoming Milestones, the Goguen & Voltaire Era

Closure & Outro


Yoroi’s Homepage
What is a Yoroi?
Side-by-side comparison of Yoroi & Daedalus
What makes Yoroi safe?
Various exploits of Metamask
More on Seed Phrases
Insight into NiPoPoWs
Yoroi as a gateway for Ergo
Introduction to Stablecoins
NFTs on Ergo
An article on dApp support within Yoroi
“The Cardano Mindmap”
IOHK paper: “The Extended UTXO Model”
Using Yoroi with Ledger devices
Cardano’s roadmap

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